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Rainbow Counseling raised over $1000 for Trans LifeLine at the September Thrift 2 Fight sale!

Continue to support the cause by shopping at Thrift 2 Fight's online store or donating directing to JJ's fundraiser for Trans LifeLine at https://secure.givelively.org/donate/trans-lifeline/jessica-jarrard-2

About Trans LifeLine

Trans LifeLine provides valuable and needed resources to the transgender community by running a crisis hotline and providing microgrants to transgender people in need. They prioritize BIPOC trans people and trans people in prison to receive microgrants for necessities and ID change fees. They are in need of funding as they have recently limited their hotline hours from 24/7 to evening hours only; it costs $75/hr to keep the hotline running.

You can call Trans LifeLine at (877) 565-8860

Hours: 5pm ET / 2pm PT – 1am ET / 10pm PT, 7 days a week.


Thrift 2 Fight's Online Store is now Open!


When you Thrift 2 Fight, you:

Support the environment

Contribute to local racial justice initiatives

Enjoy the artistic, accessible, and approachable ambience of our stores and pop-ups

Learn about abolition and LGBTQ+ BIPOC initiatives

Participate in the movement by organizing your own chapter sales

Together, we envision a world in which community action is sustained by a circular system of clothing recycling.

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