Addiction Services and Hotlines

Not sure if you or a loved one have an addiction or what the next steps are that you should take? Book a consultation with Jessica Jarrard at to help you develop a personalized plan for how to take back control of your life.

Substance Abuse Support Groups and Resources across the World

SMART Recovery

Self-Management and Addiction Recovery Training is a free Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based support group program with meetings across the world, many of which are virtual. SMART meetings may be run by peers in recovery or professionals, all of which are trained in the SMART program's methods. SMART provides support for people with alcohol, drug, smoking, sex addiction and eating disorders.

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA is the biggest free peer-run support service world-wide. You can find meetings just about anywhere in the world. But AA is way more than just meetings. By joining AA, you join a community of people in recovery who want to support you will be given tools to help you make positive lifestyle changes that will help her maintain sobriety. Check out their website for more information about whether AA is right for you and how to find meetings near you. There are also virtual meetings all times of day and night. Note that AA was founded upon Christian religious principals, so those who are not religious might find some tenets of AA's 12 step model hard to accept; most people in AA are very accepting and accommodating to those who are not religious.

Narcotics Anonymous

NA uses the same model as AA, but is geared towards people with drug abuse problems. Note that a lot of people attend AA and NA meetings interchangeably.

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Concerned that you or a loved one might have addiction to sex, pornography, or being in love? SLAA's literature and meetings may help. SLAA uses the same 12 step model as AA.

Gambler's Anonymous

Has gambling negative impacted you or your loved one's lives? Finding it hard to stop or stick to the parameters you set for yourself? GA's literature, meetings, and helplines may help. GA uses the same 12 step model as AA.

Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous

Anyone with a gaming problem could benefit from attending these meetings and checking out their resources. CGAA uses the same 12 step model as AA.

Substance Abuse Treatment and Resources in the USA

SAMSHA Help line


This free 24/7 helpline is for individuals and families facing mental health or substance use problems. They will refer you to local treatment services, support groups, or community based services. The helpline can assist English and Spanish speaking callers.

Recovery Centers of America


Considering substance use treatment but don't want to have the experience you might have heard of others having with going to poorly run, outdated facilities just to end up back in the same position they were in before? Recovery Centers of America has locations across the east coast that provide the experience of a more "luxury" treatment center but takes most insurances. The Danvers, MA site has a PRIDE group counseling track for LGBTQ+ patients who want to participate, and all sites have speciality inpatient programs. Most sites have outpatient and MAT services too so you can get continued support after an inpatient treatment.