Asexual and Demisexual resources

Web Resources for Asexuals, Demisexuals and Related Sexual Orientations

"Asexuality: A Brief Introduction", from the pages of Asexuality Archive

Do you think you might be asexual? This short book you can download as a PDF is a great introductory guide to navigating asexuality. You may also want to check out the Asexuality Archive which is teeming with 101 articles on asexuality

The Asexual Visibility and and Education Network (AVEN)

This site has plenty of information and forums about asexuality, demisexuality, aromaniticsim, and more.

Demi Grace

This forum site is for demisexual/demiromantic people, grey asexual/aromantic people or allies.

Asexuals on Coming Out: Advice

Read advice from other asexuals about coming out to help you make informed decisions about who to come out to and when, how and why. Posted from the Asexuality Archive's asexual questionnaire project.

Asexual Meet Up Groups

These are groups of self-identified asexuals who meet up in public spaces to talk or engage in fun activities. Meet Up groups are a great way of meeting new people in your area who have similar identities and interests. Use your best judgement with meeting people online and take precautions for COVID-19.

Resources for Ace Survivors

Are you asexual and have survived sexual assault? This website has helpful resources for both you and for the supportive people in your life, including submissions from other Ace survivors.

Doing Sex- Tips for the Adventurous Asexual

Are you asexual and want to engage in sexual acts but at a loss of how to do so? This article is a good guide that will also empower you to discover and speak up about your boundaries.

Resources for Partners of Asexual or Demisexual People

Relationship FAQ by AVEN

This is a great FAQ for asexual people and their partners alike. Get answers to common questions asked about relationships, including common questions asked by sexual partners of asexual people

How to Have Sex with an Asexual Person

For partners of asexual people or people sexually interested in an asexual person, this should be required reading. The article very clearly and articulately goes through all the circumstances in which it is not okay to pursue or have sex with an asexual person and the circumstances in which it can be okay.

Resources for Families and Friends of Asexual or Demisexual People

Family and Friends FAQ by AVEN

Do you have questions about your family member or friend who just came out to you as asexual or demisexual? This may answer most of your questions and will be a good start to you becoming more supportive.

10 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who is Asexual

This article is written for people who are friends or acquaintances of asexual people. It covers some of the most common and offhandedly offensive comments asexual people hear from others who mean well.