BIPOC and Anti-Racism resources

Web Resources for BIPOC people and Anti-Racism

This is an extensive list of activist organizations serving BIPOC people in the LGBTQ+ community. These includes providing safe spaces in person and online, community organizing, free HIV/STI testing and treatment, legal advocacy, and more.

Implicit Association Test

Do you wonder if you have any racial biases? This short test may give you surprising results in whether you have implicit preference towards white or black people based on how quickly you sort good/bad words and photos of white and black faces. This test can be used to help measure whether implicit bias decreases after diversity training or self-education on anti-racism.


How to be an Anti-Racist

Ibram X. Kendi

This is an essential read. Not only will this book change your perspective in how you recognize racism and can avoid perpetuating racism, but you will learn actionable steps to dismantle the systems that reinforce it. People of all colors and backgrounds can benefit from reading this book.

Nice Racism

How Progressive White People Perpetuate Racial Harm

Robin Diangelo, Author of NY Times Best Seller White Fragility

This is highly recommended for any white person to read, no matter how educated and aware of racial issues you may think you are. This book will help you examine your own biases and actions so that you can truly embody the anti-racist beliefs you have.


Constant Comment

These three New York City natives have entertaining conversations about everything "spicy, bold, and black." They have unique perspectives that intersect their experiences as black millennial women who have lived both in NYC and Japan. Their down to earth conversational style and real-time insights will make you feel like you're catching up with friends.

Therapy for Black Girls

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is a licensed psychologist, speaker and the host of the wildly popular mental health podcast, Therapy for Black Girls. Her work focuses on making mental health topics more relevant and accessible for Black women and she delights in using pop culture to illustrate psychological concepts. She has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Bustle, MTV, Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Refinery29, Teen Vogue, and Essence.

Therapy for Black Girls is an online space dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls. Their site includes a therapist directory for black women.