Relationship Resources

Books to Help you Improve or Build Rewarding Relationships

The Seven Principals of Making Marriage Work:

A Practical Guide from the Country's Foremost Relationship Expert

John Gottman and Nan Silver

This is a highly recommended book for anyone in a long term relationship to read. John Gottman is the most well known practical researcher and author on couples therapy; many therapists have incorporated his style into couples counseling. Even though the only examples in the book are heterosexual, married and monogamous couples, the information and exercises are very relevant for LGBTQ+ couples.

Come as you Are: The Surprising New Science That will Transform Your Sex Life

Emily Nagoski, PhD

This bestselling book is a must read for anyone who is a woman or anyone who has sex with women. You will learn from this book in novel ways that will help your sex life and relationship(s) and how you feel about your sex life and relationship(s).

The Come as You Are Workbook

Emily Nagoski, PhD

This is a useful companion to the book above and is a good way to really exercise the information learned in the book to best improve your relationship with your body, sex life, and relationship(s).

Sex from Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules

Sarah Mirk, online editor of Bitch magazine

This book includes interviews and concise essays with well known modern feminists and their thoughts on love, relationships, and sex. This is a great book for anyone considering alternative lifestyles than monogamous heterosexual marriage with children or who want to to revamp their relationship with an empowered feminist lens.

Web Resources

The 5 Love Languages

This site is not only where you can find the best selling books on the 5 Love Languages, but you can take free quizzes to help you and your partner find your desired love languages. Knowing what your love languages are can help you navigate conflicts/disagreements in many types of relationships, especially with the help of a couples therapist


Lovecast by Dan Savage

This podcast is great for anyone wanting to improve their relationships and sex life or is looking for an entertaining way to pass time driving or doing household chores. Dan Savage has insightful, witty and funny responses to caller's questions looking for advice, hosts thoughtful interviews with guest doctors and educators, and has left leaning commentary about recent news in politics and sex at the beginning of each show. You can also find his books and events on his website.