Resources for Allies, Partners and Families

Resources for Family, Friends and Allies of Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual Individuals

PFLAG: Parents for Lesbian and Gays

This organization started out of one mother in 1973 advocating for her gay son, and has turned into a huge organization with chapters all over the country helping LGBTQ youth and their families with local support meetings, information, and advocacy. They now have many online meetings.

God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships

Matthew Vine

Does being gay or having a gay family member conflict with your Christian faith? This book will help you think otherwise while still affirming your faith.

Sex Positive Education for Teens

Scarlet Teen is the go-to resource for teenagers to get accurate information about sex, relationships, and sexual health without the shame and misinformation a lot of other sex education has. This is a helpful resource for parents to look up topics they might want guidance in how to talk about to their teenage children. Also it isn't just for teens; most people can benefit from the clear, concise, and scientifically grounded information this site has to offer.

Resources for Family and Friends and Allies of Transgender Individuals

Clinical Care Programs of Gender-Expansive Children and Adolescents

Looking for quality medical care for your trans child? This is a good place to start.

Understanding the Transgender Community

This is a good brief introductory article to anyone wanting to learn more about the transgender community.

Resources for Families and Friends of Asexual or Demisexual People

Family and Friends FAQ by AVEN

Do you have questions about your family member or friend who just came out to you as asexual or demisexual? This may answer most of your questions and will be a good start to you becoming more supportive.

10 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who is Asexual

This article is written for people who are friends or acquaintances of asexual people. It covers some of the most common and offhandedly offensive comments asexual people hear from others who mean well.