Resources for Sex Workers

Organizations that Support and Advocate for Sex Workers

Sex Worker Outreach Project (SWOP, USA)

This is a an organization that does advocacy for sex workers and peer support through their community support line staffed by volunteers trained in rape counseling and crisis intervention: 877-776-2004. Check out their website for plenty of other helpful resources, many of which are for LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC individuals.

Global Network of Sex Work Projects, NSWP

Find the nearest organization supporting sex workers and sex worker's rights near you, wherever you are in the world.

Background Checks, Safety Tips and Useful Information

Verify Him, USA and Canada

This is more comprehensive than a Google search; you can put in the name, username, phone number, and state of someone you are interested in verifying and you can see their criminal history, dating profiles, social media information, and online forums they may be a part of. This is recommended not only to do with someone who may be soliciting you for sex anyone you are interested in dating but don't know much about.

National Ugly Mugs, UK

Find out if anyone soliciting your services in the UK has been reported by other sex workers as being violent by becoming a member to this organization. You can look up johns by name, phone number or email and get alerts when there is a dangerous incident against a sex worker reported in your area.

Tin Eye Reverse Image Search

Can't find needed information on someone using the above databases? If you have a photo of your date from their profile or one that you took slyly you may be able to find information by using this reverse image search.

Tips for Online Safety for Sex Workers

Many people have moved to online sex work due to the pandemic or are considering trying sex work online since it seems to be safer. With applying these smart tips, you can help keep yourself safe.

Male Sex Work Handbook

Even if you think you don't need to read about safety, I highly recommend anyone of any gender doing sex work to read this. This book includes safety tips for STI prevention and around more "extreme" kinks. Note this is about safety tips for in-person sex work, not online.

Safety Tips for Trans Sex Workers

Trans sex workers face unique risks and sex work may complicate medical transitions. If you are trans and doing or considering sex work, please read this.

Resources to Recognize, Prevent, and Stop Human Sex Trafficking

What is Human Trafficking?

Do you suspect someone you know is being sex trafficked? Are you a sex worker who is noticing your work is being exploited and/or that you are feeling coerced? This article and resource can help. It covers: Types of Human Trafficking, Who Is Most Susceptible to Human Trafficking, How To Recognize Human Trafficking and National Resources for Human Trafficking. There is also a live chat on this website in which you can get help 24/7 and be connected with attorneys who specialize in human trafficking cases if needed.

Legal Resources

CA Goldberg Victim's Rights Law Firm

Are you being sexually harassed, abused, or stalked online or in person? This New York City Law Firm is known for helping people fight back against abusers, no matter what your background is.